Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Curved Log Cabin

Getting Organized!
Image by Cool Text

I'm trying out the curly log cabin trim tool by Jean Ann Wright (see YouTube video below). If you've ever made a log cabin quilt, you probably know how catawampus things can get as you sew around that little center square. The tool prevents this by squaring up the block at each round.

Well as things progressed, I got a little disorganized and was missing a trim here and sewing a wide strip where the narrow was suppose to go. Necessity is the mother...
Here is the organizational system I worked out.  Four little baskets do the trick. I put the blocks needing a narrow strip in one basket, those ready for a wide strip in the another, and all of my scraps (dark and light strips) in baskets three and four. A block-in-progress does not go into the basket until it's trimmed and I've taken a few seconds to ponder about the next step. Now my seam ripper is a little lonely.

Here is the work in progress:

If you want to give the trim tool a try, here's a little inspiration:

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